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Project Chronos

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

This started as my Final Major Project in university, but I'm continuing the development with the intention of publishing it at some point.

Cover art by Cole Reeze


Highly Irreverent Video-Game-Like Tactical Kind-of-Realistic Semi-Post-Apocalyptic Futuristic Fantasy Tabletop Role Playing Game

What the hell does this all mean?

Highly Irreverent

This is the tone in which the game is written, unapologetic and with a good share of banter and swearing.


This game takes a lot of inspiration from video games of all types and not just RPGs. This is something you’ll see reflected in the ruleset and the lore again and again.


The combat is one of the most important things in this game, it has been designed so it's very tactical (with lots of depth) but also fast and fun. This doesn’t mean that narrative or role playing are not important in the game, they are, but this depends on the GM style of campaigning. Rulesets don’t create good narratives or epic adventures, GMs do. The aim of this ruleset is that in between the sections of amazing narrative storytelling, when there’s some action, it should be amazing too.


There’s magic in this game but it is a Hard Magic System instead of a Soft Magic System like you’ll find in most games. A Hard Magic System is a more limited and realistic type of magic, this makes it more believable and it feels more authentic and real. If you want to know more about the topic, just search online for “Hard Magic vs Soft Magic”. There’s plenty of material out there.


The game is based on the planet Chronos. This planet has been ravaged by war, but it’s not completely destroyed. So it’s not fully Post-Apocalyptic but nearly there. Hence the Semi prefix.

Futuristic Fantasy

It’s in the future, but there’s magic too. It’s just a future where everything moves and works with magic. There are different systems to gather and channel it and use it to power vehicles, ovens, entire cities and anything else.


Game Brief

The Game

  • The game uses a D10 for skill rolls and combat but you may need other dice for the character creation process and some damage rolls.

  • There are explicit descriptions of violence and gore.

  • It's written in a very irreverent way and it doesn't take itself too seriously. As an example these are some of the descriptions of some of the classes in the game:

Snipe (Ranger)

Snipes love throwing shit at you, mostly magic projectiles but anything that would hurt you works for them, you could say they are massive tossers. Highly mobile casters with a thing for screwing things from a distance.

LDA - Life Disposals Assistant (Assassin)

Masters at stealth and infiltration, LDAs are great at killing, murdering, assassination, homicide and taking the life out of things in general. Sneaky fuckers with very little appreciation for life.

The Players

  • Players take the role of mercenaries trying to do a living and surviving the world.

  • Everyone uses magic, but only a small gifted minority that has the capability to use advanced spells.

  • Players are all gifted and can use spells to a higher or lesser degree depending on the class.

  • They may join factions or guilds, or work independently.

  • They can try the good path helping people and their communities or they can become a criminal gang.

The World

  • It’s a harsh world where survival of the fittest prevails.

  • There's no central government, each city/town looks after themselves.

  • Some areas have created alliances and trade is starting to develop.

  • Other areas are no-man's land.

  • Different factions and guilds have emerged and they all fight for resources and power.

More not very soon (in early stages of development).

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02 may 2023

Sounds good

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