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Ignacio Garcia Zea


Game Designer




Starting as a Graphic Designer class at level 1, I later shifted to pursuing my passion for the Outdoors industry after relocating to the UK. With time, I honed my outdoor skills, gaining a +5 proficiency bonus. During the pandemic lockdown, I reflected on my career path, leading me to enroll in a 3-year Game Development degree at Ravensbourne University. Proudly, I graduated with a first-class degree, officially launching my career as a Game Designer class.

Why I am such an awesome Game Designer  lol

My secret sauce? A blend of avid sci-fi and fantasy book consumption, diverse gameplay across various genres to boost my Wisdom attribute, and a knack for staying updated on industry trends. Not just a gamer, but a game analyst (+4 to Critical Analysis).

​Then add up my healthy obsession with game mechanics and UX, coupled with a substantial UI prowess (+3 bonus) honed through multiple levels as a Graphic Designer, further enhances my abilities. My analytical mind persistently strives to improve game mechanics for a more enjoyable experience, resulting in a +5 bonus in Game Mechanics and UX skills.

​Also embracing the Dyslexic trait as an advantage, I bring a +3 to Thinking Outside the Box and a +2 to Seeing the Bigger Picture. Together, they form a +5 bonus to all Problem Solving rolls.

​But the best part is my colossal +7 to World Building. Fueled by a hyperactive imagination and a hefty Wisdom bonus, my mind harbors entire worlds. What some call brainstorming, I consider a perpetual state of mind.

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